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Sebastian Hairspray - Shaper

Sebastian Professional Hairspray - Shaper

Shaper is the Original Shaper hairspray that set the standards by which hair sprays are measured. This flash-dry brush-able hairspray has a lightweight flexible control that defies gravity. Shaper has control so light that you hardly know it's there; creating a touchable, movable style with flexible hold and a satiny finish.


Sebastian Hairspray - Shaper Plus

Sebastian Professional Hairspray - Shaper Plus

New look, same great formula! Shaper Plus provides 24-hour control that's never stiff or sticky, and hold up in high humidity. This original, touchable, strong hold is the professional's choice; delivering amazing style, immediate action and great results. Shape your hair with extra hold and control with Shaper Plus, the name behind the look.


Sebastian Hairspray - Re-Shaper

Sebastian Professional Hairspray - Re-Shaper

Re-Shaper is a brushable humidity resistance strong hold hairspray. Re-Shaper is the ultimate professional tool delivering the promise of great hold, touchable feel, and easy brushability, so you can change your look as often as you want. For best root-boosting effect, spray on damp hair.


Sebastian Hairspray - Shaper Zero Gravity

Sebastian Professional Hairspray - Shaper Zero Gravity

Shaper Zero Gravity is a dry, brushable lightweight control hairspray. This flash-dry brushable hairspray has a lightweight flexible control that defies gravity. Shaper Zero Gravity has control so light that you hardly know it's there; creating a touchable, moveable style with flexible hold and a satiny finish.


Sebastian Hairspray - Shaper Fierce

Sebastian Professional Hairspray - Shaper Fierce

Shaper Fierce is the hairspray with extra muscle keeps your hair where you want it. Whether you're in the city or on the run way. Hold that volume, texture or pinned-up style in place, and radiant against the odds. Freeze any hair, any way, shape or form and create the most structured looks with superhero, relentless hold.


Sebastian Hairspray - Mousse Forte

Sebastian Professional Hairspray - Mousse Forte

Mousse Forte provides strong manageable hold to long-lasting body, define waves and curls, or boost unlimited style options. Its formula, with nourishing ingredients, protects hair from heat damage, and provides all day long frizz control. Apply to damp hair. Air or diffuse-dry to accentuate waves, blow-dry for lasting body.


Sebastian Hairspray - Volupt Spray

Sebastian Professional Hairspray - Volupt Spray

Volupt Spray contains revolutionary cushioning-particles to create hair-raising root volume, leaving a defined hold that stays sumptuous and soft to the touch. With natural bamboo extract. Contains heat protection. Spray on damp hair from roots to ends. Blow-dry for extra body, or air dry to enhance waves and curls.


Sebastian Microweb Fiber

Sebastian Professional Microweb Fiber

Redefine your style with Sebastian Microweb Fiber creme, a flexible elastic texturizer that lets you re-mold your hair and create silky definition.
• Weaves a weightless 3D microweb into your hair
• Creates flexible texture and touchable movement
• Made in America.

$16.59 1.5 oz.

Sebastian Texturizer Gel

Sebastian Professional Microweb Fiber

A versatile medium hold Texturizer that creates bendable definition with shine. Pieciness on straight hair, bounciness and definition on curly hair, or any radical texture; while remaining totally flexible.

• Made in America.

$14.25 5.1 oz.

Sebastian Trilliant Thermal Protection

Sebastian Professional Trilliant Thermal Protection

Add glamorous shine and luscious body to your hair with Sebastian Trilliant spray.
• Multifaceted complex with rock crystal extract
• Gently conditions hair
• Provides heat protection

$18.58 5.07 oz.

Sebastian Eruptek Volcanic Ash Paste

Sebastian Professional Eruptek Volcanic Ash Paste

Get explosive texture and expansive volume with this revolutionary paste
• Lava-like paste compounding the heat and energy of a volcano
• Detonates on contact with hair for expansive volume and extreme clouds of texture
• Made in Switzerland

$19.97 2.5 oz.

Sebastian Resintek Liquified Sap

Sebastian Professional Resintek Liquified Sap

Sebastian Professional Resintek Liquified Sap creates re-mouldable texture and definition to hair that holds as soon as it's applied to hair.
The world's most durable wax is sourced from the carnauba tree and refined into Sebastian Resintek, a liquid sap that ignites hyper-reflectivity with infinite, re-moldable hold the second it meets the hair.

$19.97 2.5 oz.

Sebastian Gel Forte

Sebastian Professional Gel Forte

Mold shapes, fix texture, and build body with confidence. Gel Forte is a strong hold micro-crystal gel with impressive flexibility. Its pearlized formula glides in easily to create multiple polished shapes without stiffness, greasiness, or stickiness.

$13.97 6.8 oz.

Sebastian Whipped Crème

Sebastian Professional Whipped Crème

Whipped Creme is a luxurious nourishing styler to define bouncing curls and soft waves. Whips up sensual curvaceous shapes, while conditioning and protecting your hair for a silky soft and gloss, shiny finish, without leaving hair dry or crunchy.

$16.78 5.3 oz.

Sebastian Texture Maker

Sebastian Professional Texture Maker

Texture Maker by Sebastian provides versatile and reworkable texture with matte finish and medium hold to create any textured look.

$16.50 5.07 oz.

Sebastian Craft Clay

Sebastian Professional Craft Clay

Sebastian Craft Clay's earth minerals crafted especially to separated and re-style texture with touchable matte-finish holds.

$13.95 1.7 oz.

DevaCurl Light Defining Gel

DevaCurl Light Defining Gel

What it is
This light-hold, moisturizing gel molds to the hair creating a moisture-protective barrier (we call that the Curl Cast) that sets curls while preventing frizz. With your unique curl shape intact, you're sure to make ‘em Gel-ous.

DevaCurl Light Defining Gel is a light hold moisturizing and defining gel. Dissolves instantly when applied to wet hair and dries forming a moisture-protective cast to enhance curls.

$15.64 12oz
$32.97 32 oz

Size & Price

Stylist Sprayers

Stylist Sprayers

Stylist Sprayers Why Stylist Sprayers?
• Minimal sound while spraying
• Large spray pattern with even distribution
• Fine droplet size
• Prolonged/Continuous Spray
• Dosed Spray
• 360° Spraying Option
• Less Hand Fatigue Compared to Standard Triggers and Finger Tip Sprayers
• Refill and Large Bottle Format Possibilities

1: $10.00
3: $25.00

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